TaqMan Array Plates for Gene Expression Analysis

Ideal solution for fast, easy, and reproducible experimental setup

Sometimes you have the necessity to test many genes at many samples at ones. While not enough for NGS solution, you find yourself preparing many plates, with a challenge of accurate pipetting and correct samples load.
Thermo Fisher offer a convenient and user-friendly solution just for you – TaqMan Array Plates!!

TaqMan Array plates provide the gold-standard performance of our probe-based TaqMan Assays in familiar 96- and 384-well formats. Manual transfer of reagents into plates during routine experimental setups can be time-consuming and tedious. TaqMan Array plates are designed to reduce redundant pipetting steps, minimize loading errors, and help save money by decreasing master mix consumption.
There are four content options available, including: inventoried (preconfigured), made-to-order flexible, custom, or specialty designed panels. Regardless of which option you choose, the plates arrive prepopulated with the selected dried-down TaqMan Assays (primers and probe sets). The only step remaining is to add your sample and master mix.

Why to choose TaqMan Array plates for your research?

In a nutshell? To make your life much much easier!!

Array plates are ideal for mid-throughput verification studies, translational research, research screening of biomarkers and toxicology panels, and analysis of pathways, target classes, and complete disease sets using real-time PCR. TaqMan Array plates are intuitive and compatible with most real-time PCR instruments on the market.
Plates are optimal for projects involving approximately 32 samples and/or fewer than 48 targets, but they also allow for the greatest flexibility in number of samples and targets when compared to other formats.

Major benefits of using TaqMan Array plates:
  • Convenient setup – dried-down TaqMan Assays in a 96- or 384-well plate; just add master mix and your cDNA sample
  • Flexible format – choose from preconfigured to customizable panels in 0.1- or 0.2-mL formats
  • Streamlined data analysis – compare and analyze multiple plates via our Connect cloud-based platform
  • Low input starting material – use as little as 1 ng per 20-µL reaction or 5ng per 10-µL reaction per well
  • Optional RFID enabled – a sample setup file can be imported instead of assigning or editing a well manually
  • Versatile applications – Gene Expression, miRNA, SNP Genotyping, Copy Number, Mutation Detection 
Saving valuable time and effort, get your TaqMan Array Plate ordered today

Feel free to contact us via RT-PCR@rhenium.co.il, and we would be happy to help you with Taqman MGB Probes designing.

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