Rhenium Medical

Rhenium Medical was established in September 2016, one of the leading diagnostics companies in Israel.

Rhenium medical has a wide range diagnostics instruments and reagents from leading manufacturers around the world. Nevertheless, we are consistently searching for new technologies and new areas of expertise.  

Rhenium Medical has an outstanding Technical Service and Application team, that is devoted, efficient, professional and available to all customers.

Quality Assurance and Efficiency Tests

Improve Patient Care through Monitoring the Quality of Tests and their Reporting.

  • External QA schemes
  • Daily QC for General and Special Tests
  • Linearity Panels and Human-based Virology Materials

Beckman Coulter automated instruments for CBC, Slides making & staining and Cellavission digital microscopy.

  • Reagents and consumables for hematology.
Microbiology and Molecular Biology

Impact treatment decisions with accurate detection of emerging antimicrobial resistance, improved workflow efficiency and PCR Tests.

  • Automated ID and AST Microbiology Systems
  • Advanced and Open Software Solutions for Microbiology Lab
  • Real Time PCR Detection Kits

Our dedicated, multi-disciplinary qualified team provide high level of professional and reliable support to wild range of histopathology and other diagnostic products, allow us to become comprehensive full-service partners to our customers.

  • Histology equipment:
  • Histology consumables and reagents
  • IHC, ISH, FISH products
  • Digital pathology and Telepathology
  • Lab managing systems- Middleware solution
  • Beckman Coulter DSL -Special Elisa and RIA products

Lab Automation and Informatics.

Driving Laboratory Efficiency through Clinical Informatics and Automation tools.

  • Full automated track-based pre- and post-analytical solutions
  • Totally Open Stand Alone pre- and post-analytical solutions
  • First Level of Automation integrated system  
  • Bulk load tube registration and pre-pre-analytical solutions
  • Open Software solutions for diagnostic labs

Helena Laboratories Semi-automated and fully automated instruments and kits for gel and capillary Electrophoresis.

  • Kits, reagents and consumables for gel electrophoresis.  

Beckman Coulter automated instruments for urine chemistry and gold standard digital flow morphology microscopy.


Our advanced analyzers generate testing in general chemistry, special proteins, therapeutic drug monitoring and more, in serum, plasma, urine and CSF. We have scalable solutions for laboratories of all sizes.

  • Small size laboratories – AU480
  • Mid-size laboratories – DxC700AU
  • Large size laboratories – AU5800

Our Immunological systems have large portfolio of assays. Panels such as endocrinology, tumor markers, cardiac maker, bone makers and more can be run on the same platform.

  • Small size laboratories – Access2
  • Medium-large size laboratories – DxI800
Point of Care

poc testing can be at the bedside, or near the patient. It is a quicker the diagnosis, the better the healthcare outcomes. We have many POC solutions for Chemistry testings, blood gas, INR, urine testings and Hematology.

  • Abbott – ISTAT
  • Analyticon – Urilyzer
  • Sight – OLO
Our Divisions
About Us

Rhenium Medical established in 2016 by cooperation between Rhenium and Teva Medical.

The logistics services of the company are provided by the logistics company SLE.

Rhenium Medical has a 24/7 professional service department, highly experienced, trained by manufactures.

Our customers are health funds, hospitals, private labs, universities and private companies.

Sales and application departments support in the highest professional level to all our customers in the various diagnostic fields: Chemistry, Immunochemistry, Hematology, Urine Testing, Electrophoresis, Automation, Quality Control, Pathology and Point of care.