We offer a wide range of diagnostic instruments, tests and information systems.

Our dedicated, multi-disciplinary qualified team provide high level of professional and reliable support to wide range of histopathology and other diagnostic products, allow us to become comprehensive full-service partners to our customers.

Our Products

Histology Instruments

We offer a broad selection and support for histology instruments including tissue processors,microtomes, cryostats, stainers, coverslippers, embedders, specimen labeling products and sample tracking solutions. All you need to get best quality of your slides.

Histology Consumables and reagents

Keep your laboratory running safely and efficiently. We have a broad range of histology and general laboratory consumables to help you maintain your laboratory.The list includes: Cassettes, stains, paraffins, blades, slides and coverglass, autopsy and dissection consumables, reagents and solutions, adhesives and mounting media, safety and hygiene products, specimen transport and storage solutions.

Advanced Staining

You rely on IHC and ISH slides for definitive answers and best results. Leica Biosystems integrates all aspects of advanced staining with the options you need for a tailored solution to IHC and ISH and FISH staining. The combination of Leica BOND automated IHC and ISH stainers with Novocastra and Kreatech reagents helps you create the IHC and ISH slide you need.

Digital Pathology and Telepathology

Driving innovation and delivering lean workflows to improve efficiency, We offer comprehensive range of modular, scalable digital pathology and telepathology products and services including Aperio series scanners manufactured by Leica and Augmentiqs real-time telepathology solution.

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