Our department provides our customers with a large variety of high quality consumables from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Rhenium set a standard for quality and superior performance while protecting your valuable research and providing a full range of products and solutions designed to advance science and research for customers in life science, drug discovery and pharma and industrial markets.

Our Products

Pipettes and Pipette Tips

Meet the demands of daily pipetting with Thermo Scientific pipette and tip systems. Improve accuracy and precision with pipetting systems that incorporate years of experience and innovation for consistent, reproducible results. Single Channel, Multichannel, Electronic Pipettes and ClipTip Pipetting Systems. Standard and Filtered Pipette Tips in Finntip and Finntip Flex tips, ART and QSP Universal Pipette Tips, ClipTip Pipette Tips and Pipette Tips for Automated Systems.

Cell Culture Plastics | Tissue Culture Plastics

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ and Nalgene™ cell culture products. We take pride in supplying products with consistent high quality to help ensure you get the most reproducible and reliable results in your research. Our products are manufactured using only high-quality raw materials that comply with USP Class VI testing. Cell Culture Plates, Flasks, Dishes, Inserts, Tubes and Chamber Slides, Chambered Coverglass and Bottles.

Filtration & Separation Products

high-end instruments for particle counting, monitoring and characterization. Nalgene Rapid Flow Filter Units and Bottle Tops provide superior flow rates and help reduce downtime for cell culture applications.

Sample Storage & Management

We prove solutions to track and preserve your samples, Cryotubes, Matrix Barcoded Storage Tubes, Freezer Tube Racks, CryoFreeze® Cryogenic Storage Racks, Freezing Containers (Mr. Frosty), Storage Plates, barcoding options etc.

Centrifuge and PCR Tubes & Microwell Plates

PCR Tube includes tubes, strips, plates and sealing film for any experimental need. In addition, family of tubes, racks and accessories provide users a complete offering of safe and handy solutions for cryogenic transportation and storage of biological material.

Fujifilm Super RX X-ray Film

FUJIFILM Super RX is a blue sensitive universal film with a wide tonal range for all types of applications.Incorporating FUJIFILM's unique Sigma-LIC Grain and Cross-over Control Technologies from the highly regarded Super HR series, it provides exceptionally sharp, high contrast images with both automatic and manual processing.

Premium latex & Nitrile Gloves

Rhenium have the high-quality Latex & Nitrile Gloves XS to XL size to serve your needs.

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