Rhenium is excited and proud to announce our further partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific to extend our portfolio to the Laboratory Chemical Division which includes leading brands such as Acros, Alfa Aesar, Fisher Chemical, Fisher BioReagents and Maybridge – all part of the Thermo Fisher Scientific family.
Bringing Chemistry to Life.
Thermo Fisher Scientific is a leading manufacturer and supplier of chemicals, metals and life science products for research and development. With a portfolio of over 50,000 chemistry products, in sizes ranging from gram-scale research quantities to semi-bulk and bulk production quantities. With custom manufacturing capabilities to supply many more specialized items, we are a one-stop source for research chemicals, metals and materials.

Our Products


We offer a broad range of 20,000 organic and organometallic compounds, including aldehydes, alkenes, amines, aromatics, esters, ethers, hydrocarbons, ketones, and more. Our broad experience in manufacturing, sourcing and handling a wide range of chemical materials enables us to respond quickly and efficiently to your needs.


Thermo Fisher produces thousands of inorganic materials for R&D and production applications. The range of inorganics is offered in all purity grades to meet your application needs. Custom production and packaging services are part of our regular offering. Our inorganics include: coordination compounds, main group compounds, transition metal compounds, organometallic compounds, cluster compounds, bioinorganic compounds and solid state compounds.

AcroSeal Packaging

AcroSeal packaging allows optimum performance of your moisture-sensitive work: Dual tamper evident cap – allows easy removal of the complete cap if required. Large surface area – provides easier access and prevents the need to puncture the same spot twice. Adhesive free septum – reduces risk of contamination. Easy to pierce septum AcroSeal packaging offers a superior advantage for your organic synthesis.

Air- and moisture-sensitive

AcroSeal packaging: drier reagents for longer. When using air- and moisture-sensitive solvents and reagents, it is essential that these products remain dry during storage. Through the innovative quadrant-style screw cap and specially designed septum, AcroSeal packaging ensures that you have access to high-quality and low moisture products every use, guaranteeing improved yield and consistency of your research experiments.

Deuterated solvents – for NMR

We offer a wide range of deuterated solvents for various applications in AcroSeal packaging to ensure high quality and consistency in your research.


We offer a wide selection of organometallic compounds including an extensive collection of Grignard reagents, popular organoaluminiums, organolithiums, organosodiums and organozinc products.

Metals & Materials

We supply pure metals, alloys, and non-metallic elements in various purities and forms. We have vast resources for manufacturing and fabrication to meet most specialty requirements. In addition, you will find a variety of forms of carbon, ceramics for high temperature applications, evaporation materials, products for brazing, optics, crystals and even a selection of fuel cell grade catalysts.

Precious Metal Compounds and Homogeneous Catalysts

We offer a full range of precious metal salts and solutions manufactured to stringent specifications. Homogeneous catalysis provides an excellent choice where highly specific reactions are desired including chiral transformations. Our homogeneous catalysts can be used in a wide range of chemical transformations.


We offer over 250 alloys in several compositions and forms. Aluminum alloys are used in many industries such as equipment, machinery, vehicles and various specialized applications. Copper alloys are the less expensive option than gold and platinum and provide incomparable heat and thermal performance. Nickel and stainless-steel alloys are available and are used widely within the chemical industry.

Fuel cell grade products

Our extensive product line is a great fit for all of your needs. We offer a full range of membrane electrode assemblies, Toray carbon papers, Nafion® membranes, anodes for hydrogen and reformate fuel cells, cathodes for hydrogen and reformate fuel cells, cathodes and anodes for direct methanol fuel cells and fuel cell catalysts.

Carbon, graphite and ceramics

Our portfolio includes a wide selection of carbon products in a variety of forms, including powder, diamond, fullerene, glassy carbon and graphite. This product range includes over 350 products.


Our Bioreagents product line focuses on high quality reagents and biochemicals to support academic and biotech research. We manufacture and supply novel reagents for many life science research areas. There are over 5,000 life science products for research available, covering applications such as: genomics, proteomics, immunology, cell and molecular biology, labelling and vascular research amongst many others.


Nanomaterials often have unique optical, electronic, and mechanical properties. Most life science applications exploit the local surface plasmon resonance effects of nanomaterials for imaging or photonics applications. We offer a portfolio of nanoparticles for life science research. These products include particles that are unfunctionalized and also functionalized particles for easy conjugation to proteins, peptides and DNA.
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