It’s Time to Connect Everything

Digital transformation of the lab means more automation, fewererrors, better results, comprehensive utilization reports of instruments & much more...

Did you that you can access, analyze, and share your real time PCR data anytime, anywhere* with the Connect cloud-based platform?

*Where the Web is accessible

Within the Connect platform you will find different analysis modules for common real-time PCR applications including – relative quantification, Standard curve and genotyping (SNP analysis).

With advanced features and improved algorithms, the Connect real-time PCR analysis apps offer advanced, reliable and flexible analysis solutions.

Supporting most applied biosystems’ platforms, multiple plates analysis becomes simple and accessible.

Use Connect to create analysis groups, choose the most stable endogenous control or perform statistical analysis for your biological groups.

Wishing to connect your collaborators easily? Exchange data with your collaborators securely and work together wherever you are in the world.

 Taking connectivity to the next level with your real-time PCR system

Linked directly to the cloud, some Quantstudio instruments enables you to remotely monitor experiments using the Instrument Connect monitoring app.

See the connected instruments to learn if your Quantstudio can be connected.

Read of a user experience to see how it works.

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