Instant tips for right and effective approach to solve HPLC trouble shooting

HPLC is one of the prominent and potent analytical tool regularly employed for the analysis of drugs in pharmaceutical formulations. Although HPLC method development has been improved by advanced innovative modifications in HPLC column technology and instrumentation day by day even though problems still arise from many sources. Generally when ever more sophisticated unit is used problems cropped up affecting overall system performance each troubled component which needs to be settled by leaps and bounds. In this review article, different trouble shooting common problems are discussed and solutions to those problems while performing method development. For easy understanding and reference the trouble shooting problems encountered with the HPLC system are organized into five major categories such as pressure abnormalities, leaks, problems with the chromatograms, injector problems and remedies and lastly other problems identified by smell, sight and sound and to be settle them and they are presented in the guide in the form of tables apart from textual matter for easy reference.

For the full guide and illustrations, please refer to the PDF document.