Sales Support Marketing

Sales Support Marketing

The Sales Support Specialist manages a multifaceted role encompassing sales enablement, customer success, and project coordination. They develop sales collateral and offer marketing support to sales teams, while also ensuring post-purchase customer satisfaction and feedback collection. Additionally, they coordinate timelines and resource allocation across marketing sub-teams and plan brand-promoting events such as trade shows and webinars.

Position description:
  • Develops sales collateral such as presentations and one-pagers, coordinates with the sales team for any marketing support they need.
  • Ensures customer satisfaction post-purchase, solicits feedback, and develops case studies/testimonials.
  • Coordinates between the various sub-teams, ensures timelines and make sure resources are allocated efficiently.
  • Events Coordinator: Plans and organizes trade shows, webinars, and other events that can help in marketing and brand building.
  • Compliance coordinator: Ensures that all marketing materials and activities comply with industry and company regulations and standards.
Position requirements:
  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, Business, or related filed.

  • Previous experience in marketing activity

  • Knowledge in MS Office and CRM software.

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